Excerpts from Memoirs from a Prison Cell Trilogy

Excerpts from Memoirs from a Prison Cell Trilogy 2018-02-01T04:51:30+00:00

In the end, we arrived at Jeffrey’s place.  They invited me in for a drink or two.  I accepted, and took my position at the dining room table.  My drink was hastily prepared and placed on the table.  They then moved at a frantic pace in search of their drug paraphernalia: baking soda , a pot for boiling water, and their glass pipes.

Of course, I had heard and read about freebasing, yet I never thought I’d be subjected to it.  In a sense, it was a tad bit amusing watching them in their mad-chemist state trying to turn the cocaine from powder to liquid, and then into rock.  They finally solidified the cocaine and I watched as they fired up the rock.  It popped and sizzled as it melted and evaporated into smoke.  The vapor twirled in the glass bowls of their pipes as they inhaled.  Once they had descended from the stratosphere, they realized I’d been sitting there for close to an hour, my drink consumed, the whole time with them ignoring me.

I was offered a pull.  I turned it down.

They shoved a smoking pipe in my face.  I said, “Oh, well, it’s only cocaine … a toke or two and I’ll be on my way.”

To this day, I wish I would have stuck to my guns and stood firm on my initial decision: No.  From the very moment I wrapped my lips around that glass instrument, the whole course of my life became rerouted.  The cocaine penetrated the pleasure zone of my brain.  At that moment, I hadmy first mental orgasm.

If felt too good.