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Terry Hill Sr. is the accomplished author of Memoirs from a Prison Cell Trilogy: The Missteps of a Southern Boy. Memoirs from a Prison Cell vividly brings to life the long road traveled by nine-time convicted felon. He used his many years behind bars to teach himself the craft of writing.
Born in Winnfield, Louisiana, then moving to Seattle as a teenager, Terry Hill Sr. tells the undeniable truth as a foster child, drug abuser, and inevitably a man incarcerated nine times over a thirty-five-year span.
His Memoirs are hard to put down as he captures the pivotal moments of his life and shares them with the world. With plenty humor and drama, one pictures everything in the mind’s eye. The pain, strength, and determination ignite Terry’s ‘clawed’ out mentality to become a pillar of a man.

After spending decades behind bars, he now uses his hard-won wisdom to create change in the same neighborhoods where he was once a criminal. These days he can be found not in the prison yards but regaling street kids with his infectious good-natured humor, while he teaches them about freedom. His wisdom offers comfort and hope to families and inmates alike, as he empowers and advocates for social changes.